ME THE TIGER - New digital EP "Ariana" - Out on 03.06.2016 



"Ariana" is the second hit single taken from the selftitled debut "Me The Tiger".
The EP contains the hit-single "Ariana" and several powerful remixes, accompanied

by a fantastic and disturbing video-clip.




ME THE TIGER Ariana cover



1 Ariana (Album Version)

2 Ariana (Mars TV Remix)

3 Ariana (Neutrophic Remix)

4 Ariana (Tobias The Tiger Remix)

5 Ariana (Second System Remix)

6 Ariana (LEHNBERG Remix)

7 Ariana (NORAK Remix)

8 Ariana (Mindquake Remix)

9 Ariana (Martin Moral Remix)